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Meditation & Healing Music

A 30 minute meditation consisting of three binaural beat soundtracks (Theta-Delta-Theta). Star Journeys 5D MP3 Download - High Quality 320kbps. Binaural Beats used with stereo headphones stimulate brain entrainment, instant relaxation, emotional balance, healing and well-being and a heightened states of consciousness.

Elysium Dreams album

A 6 song album for deep meditation and healing, taking us into the unconscious mind for relaxation and renewed creativity. A one hour journey of pure Binaural Beats, with sweeping pads and evocative synths.

"Star Journeys" A Binaural Beats Album by 7air music, written & produced by Richard David Marks. A collection of deep meditational tracks, with beautiful spacial pads & synths. Evocative timeless spacial! This is primarily for deeper healing and meditation, ideally suited for working therapists & for those on a journey of self exploration.